Grão Direto reinvents grain trading

Better information for better decisions
Here you have the BEST price information in your region. Our EXCLUSIVE Average Price Index is the result of thousands of interactions carried out every day, with high statistical quality and guaranteeing the best information. In addition, you follow the main market news, weather data, prices of agricultural commodities on the exchanges, regional freight costs and foreign exchange rate.
Support and control
You have the full support of our team helping you at every moment. We are passionate about serving those who are from the agro, proud of Brazil! A direct, affectionate, simple and no-frills way, as the agro likes it! In addition, through Grão Direto's system you can have much more control and better monitoring of your business.
More deals opportunities
Using Grão Direto you have access to many more contacts with buyers and brokers, expanding your business opportunities. You will find different modalities, whether for sale in the spot market, forward market or barter, in addition to different freight conditions and payment terms for you to choose the best deals at any time.
No costs for you
We want to support farmers to always find the best deal. Therefore, the the grain grower does not pay anything to negotiate on Grão Direto! You install our app for free and trade your grains without paying anything. "How then does Grão Direto make money?": We have several additional paid services such as market intelligence, digital contracts, pricing and management tools, as well as fees we charge from buyers.
Less time on the phone and more time in your business
Alerts of the best prices for your region in real time, avoiding dozens of calls for you to have more time for your farm. Digital contracts so you no longer have to go to a public notary or waste time on paperwork.
Install our app. It's free!
Available only in Brazil
Advantages for buyers
Grain origination much more efficient
Using Grão Direto commercial staff, agents and traders spend much less time on the phone or viewing emails, making them much more available to effectively close better negotiations and deal with those more sensitive situations that only they can solve. Fewer erros and less time wasted on paperwork. Our system and digital contracts help you focus on what adds the most value to your business!
Automatic and customized pricing
Our grain pricing solution for the physical market can be customized with dozens of variables suitable for your business (logistics, commercial relationship, storage, export, domestic market, etc.), in addition to being connected in real time to the CBOT and to the Brazilian foreign exchange rate. With this, your company can have an automatic and personalized pricing for each farm, each producer, each warehouse!
Greater interaction with your supplier base
How many suppliers do you have registered in your base? And how many have you actually done business with in the past 2 years? Certainly many suppliers already registered in your base are not doing deals with you and this is because, in the traditional way, it is impossible to talk to everyone at all time. With our technology you access your entire base, find the best deals and greatly increases the level of interaction with your suppliers.
Development of new areas and new suppliers
Grão Direto's user base has been growing a lot and every day! We help you to open new origination areas and also find new suppliers in the areas where you already operate. Count on our support to help you with registration, documentation, commercial access and business formalization tasks.
Market Intelligence and Compliance
We have the best information on the physical grain market that, together with your own market intelligence initiatives, can boost your knowledge. Learn more, better and faster with our solutions. In addition, you can count on our full support to raise your levels of internal compliance, in addition to enhancing the reach of your practices related to social and sustainability aspects.
Install our app. It's free!
Available only in Brazil
Large buyers and brokerage firms
We already serve thousands of grain growers every day
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In addition to hundreds of grain buying companies of all profiles and sizes.
and much more!

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